Values and CSR


Volterra Ecosystems works alongside a multidisciplinary and multinational team, including economists, biologists, forestry engineers and agronomists. Our colleagues speak Spanish, Catalan, English, Portuguese, French, Dutch and German. Our work team is reinforced by a strong network of experts in different areas of environment and sustainability.  

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Volterra we are committed to a more sustainable future, it is our daily job. Apart from our own mission we aim to contribute where possible to accelerate other initiatives. 

  • We work with environmental NGOs,, among these are: WWF, FNYH, Fundació Emys and Fundación Global Nature
  • We are members of associations that promote social and environmental values, such as Eco-unión. We are co-founders and sponsors of the Spanish chapter of the Conscious Capitalism movement Capitalismo Consciente
  • We carry out emission-compensation activities: over the last years we have planted more than 100.000 trees and we are the founders of Europe's most ambitious climate action project: Life Terra 500 million trees by 2025

We strive to create the least environmental impact possible, hiring innovative and sustainable services..

  • We promote energy savings at our office and hire 100% renewable sources provided by SomEnergia, the green energy cooperative
  • Our paper is printed from sustainable and certified and all printing materials come from the "social" copyshop Multicopy, we drink water from an “air to water” system we rely on delivery services powered by electric vehicles such as EcoScooting, to avoid unnecessary emissions
  • When possible, we work with PR and communication companies with experience and expertise in the environmental sector, such as EcoAvantis and Agencia EFE-Verde.