The Volterra Concept

A recent report compiled by the WWF, Credit Suisse and McKinsey & Company estimates that the projected annual costs for global biodiversity protection reach up to USD 300-400 billion.

Conservation and restoration needs continue to be “demand-driven”, although increasing “lockstep approaches” allow for mutual reinforcement of environmental impact and financial returns.

Volterra firmly believes that given the correct management, small and large landscapes can put behind the alleged trade-off between ecosystem protection and economic cash flows by creating synergies between restoration, sustainable production models, and socio-economic development. Thus, the only way to effectively change mind-sets on environmental protection and capital investments is by providing visible and measureable benefits for both the demand and supply sides of ecosystem restoration and finance.


It is Volterra's mission to become a leading provider of ecosystem services & land management in the environmental sector of Spain and around Europe. This will be accomplished by providing quality consulting and executive direction for land management to landowners/land administrators while ensuring both financial and environmental returns.



Volterra strongly believes that the opportunity for conservation and restoration finance has arrived to stay. Mentalities and frameworks have evolved from the simple idea of environmental protection advocacy and activism (represented by donor-oriented conservation efforts) towards the creation of a new market sector, in which economic opportunities arise and are accounted for in market dynamics (moving towards an investor-driven approach). The Volterra team therefore envisions the growth of a completely new, modern and integral view of preserving ecosystem health, reversing the adverse effects of human impact on climate change, and creating new market opportunities for ecosystem finance.