Life Terra is Volterra's most ambitious project to date - join us to help plant millions of trees for Europe

Climate change has become such an important economic, social and environmental issue that it has been renamed in mainstream discussions as the “climate crisis”. This crisis stresses urgency, especially as numerous countries are reporting increases in climate-related events.

Life Terra's unique platform is uniting stakeholders to facilitate tree planting, engage future generations through key communication and educational activities, and monitor progress with cutting edge European tech to support a sustainable long-term business model for land restoration and massive carbon capture. Life Terra is Europe’s unique bottom-up initiative to lead the fight against global climate change, prepare future generations, drive greener policies across the board and generate tremendous investment and growth in green jobs.

Its main objectives are to:

  • Engage a monumental number of individual citizens and stakeholders to take action on CC mitigation by facilitating the planting of 500 million trees in Europe by 2025.
  • Connect these participants through an innovative and comprehensive web platform and app that organizes and streamlines the planting process for scaling up and scaling out.
  • Innovate in the latest monitoring and satellite technologies to provide citizens and specialists alike with precise and transparent data on trees planted.
  • Inspire the next generation of EU citizens to thrive and face of CC challenges ahead, through a unique Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-focused environmental sustainability education program.

The project's expected results by 2025 include:

  • Teach STEM based sustainability lesson plans in 14,000 classrooms
  • Reach 100 million individuals through online dissemination and awareness raising
  • Engage 50 million people to plant trees, and 22,000 citizens to be trained volunteer Terra Leaders
  • Change behaviour in 25% of all individuals registered in platform
  • Create 50 direct FTE jobs in the consortium
  • Receive 3,000 press mentions
  • Provide a €500 million stimulus to the green economy

The consortium is led by Stichting Life Terra (a Foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and includes complementary beneficiaries who support the project through research, implementation, education, and media.:

  • Implementation partners:
    • Nature and Man Foundation-Portugal
    • Legambiente Onlus
  • Education partners
    • EUN Partnership AISBL
    • Gynzy Teachers B.V.
  • Technology partners
    • IFER – Monitoring and Mapping Solution, s.r.o.
    • Land Life Company BV
    • Viveros Fuenteamarga S.L.
  • Communication & dissemination partners:
    • EURACTIV Media Network
    • BrightVibes NL B.V.
    • Comunicazione Zygomalas & Fabiani GmbH
    • Agencia EFE SAU, SME

Find out more about the planting events, training activities and news related to this project here.
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