LIFE Regenerate’s Final Conference was successfully held in Salamanca

The Final Conference of the LIFE Regenerate project was successfully held at the Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Salamanca.

The meeting was attended by different actors involved in the work carried out throughout these years, from technicians and replicators to farmers and ranchers interested in the regenerative agriculture techniques promoted by this project. Experts from other LIFE projects and even a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Spanish Government also participated.

The meeting ended with a visit to the Muñovela demonstration farm (Salamanca), where the participants were able to observe the application of techniques such as rotational grazing with various species, the keyline and the production of biochar.

In summary, the day was a fruitful exchange of experiences, concerns and knowledge that not only served as a conclusion of the project but also as an incentive to continue applying in the following years the regenerative agriculture techniques promoted by LIFE Regenerate that bring so many benefits to Mediterranean agrosilvopastoral systems.