10,000 trees will be planted in La Junquera

La Junquera is a 1,100-hectare farm located in the Murcia region, one of the most desertified areas in the Iberian Peninsula. Since 2015 its owners began to implement different regenerative agriculture practices and over time the farm has become a meeting point for different education, research and entrepreneurship projects, whose common focus is the restoration of ecosystems.

As part of their effort to regenerate the land in the area, threatened with the danger of desertification, the owners of the farm reached an agreement to plant 10,000 trees in 2022 with the help of our Life Terra project. A planting event with the participation of volunteers from Camp Altiplano, one of the projects based on the farm, was the inauguration of this agreement.

We hope that the collaboration will continue in the coming years with the same or greater number of trees, that provide biodiversity and regeneration to the land of this beautiful place.