IRIS - Drone specialists

Volterra, together with our partner IRIS, offers aerial reporting with the help of our drones or UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) equipped with video cameras and managed by highly qualified & certified pilots. The combination of these aerial shots with conventional audio recordings from the ground allows us to obtain multimedia content with a professional finish, suitable for promotional, advertising, documentary, cinema purposes. Also, we offer the client the possibility to follow the recording and participate in each shot, selecting the angles, perspectives, heights and locations through the screens located in the ground stations.

In addition, together with the use of the most advanced drones (multi-rotors/fixed wing) and the use of a wide variety of specific sensors (photographic, video, thermal -radiometric- and multispectral cameras) allows us to provide solutions to a wide range of needs in the agroforestry sector: identify areas with water stress, quantify damage caused by diseases and pests, calculate biomass, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and create topographical plans (of slopes, contours of level, orientations, runoff, etc.).

We participate in several Life Projects, measuring biomass, recording and mounting informative and promotional videos, detecting maras in repopulation, monitoring wild animals through thermal cameras, photographic and video documentation of different events, generating diverse topographic products, etc.

Check out a sample of our work in the video below. Interested? Contact us here.