Do you want to plant and guarantee the survival of your seedlings? We can help you!

The COCOON is designed to support the seedling during its critical first year. COCOON provides water and shelter to the plant, while stimulating the development of a healthy and deep root structure. In this way, COCOON produces strong and independent trees, which do not depend on external irrigation and can survive in extreme conditions.

The COCOON consists of a water tank that is made of cellulose, crop or pasture residues and other improved organic compounds to ensure impermeability during the first survival period. It is only filled once during the planting process. The water is transported to the tree in a spaced and controlled way by seepage (Attention: previous versions of the Cocoons used to have wicks to transport the water, the new version of the Cocoon makes this no longer necessary). As the reservoir degrades and empties over time, the pits serve as micro-watersheds to collect water when it rains. In addition, the degraded deposit is converted into organic soil-enhancing substrate.

In addition, it has a cylindrical protective cover that is placed around the tree to protect it from the sun, desiccant winds and animals that feed on trees and young plants.

Trees have been planted with COCOON in more than 20 countries with survival rates between 80-95%. Recently, Fundació Emys presented a detailed study on their experience (June 2020). Volterra and Land Life Company are implementing this innovative reforestation method in 3 European projects, The Green Link, FTI Cocoon and LifeTerra. Are you living in Spain or Portugal and interested to buy Cocoons? Get in touch with our team by email. You can check out prices here.