Marta Mugica, project manager at Volterra, interviewed on a podcast about ecosystem services

Marta Mugica, project manager at Volterra, has been interviewed by the Ivoox podcast in an episode dedicated to ecosystem services.

During the interview, Marta emphasized the importance of soil protection and improvement to increase the resilience and vitality of ecosystems. She highlighted the need to value farmers and livestock breeders not only for their production but also for their key role in preserving and caring for the soil and the environment.

Finally, she proposed a strategy for soil restoration and improvement, including the planting of new tree masses and carbon dioxide retention in Santander, as well as the implementation of new productive models in the coastal countryside through permaculture techniques and regenerative agriculture.

If you want to read the full text of this interesting interview, you can find it at this link. If you prefer to listen to the audio version, it is available here. We recommend it to anyone interested in learning about ecosystem restoration.