Life Terra presents the first edition of the Climate Action Awards

This year the Life Terra project celebrates the first edition of the 2021-2022 Climate Awards, created to recognize and thank the most committed and involved parties that have supported the efforts made in 8 countries in Europe in the past planting season.

Below is a list of the award winners in each category:

  1. Εri Papadeli, as the Most Involved Terra Leader
  2. Lisa Pallante, for the Most Active School Planting
  3. Jarno de Wolf, as the Most Involved Terra Mission Teacher
  4. Nicola van Heesch van Zyl, as the Most Impactful Business Partner
  5. José de la Uz, as the Most Involved Public Sector Representative
  6. William Laufs, for organising the Most Impactful Planting Event
  7. Jörg Deselaers, as the Most Supportive Landowner
  8. Nico Rosberg, as the Most Impactful Sustainability Entrepreneur
  9. Guillermo Hinojos, as the Most Involved Tree Planting Partner
  10. Wouter Onis, as the Most Involved Crowdfunder