10 videos on the Sustainable Forest Management Course published on the LIFE MycoRestore channel

Volterra has created 10 videos where each module of the Sustainable Forest Management Course, conducted in collaboration with Mycelio at the end of last year in Tavertet as part of the LIFE MycoRestore project, is presented. The videos have been published on the project's YouTube channel and can be viewed at the following links:


- General course presentation

Working with chainsaws:

- Safety measures

- Cleaning and maintenance

- Chain sharpening 

- Initial practices

- Forest practices

Mushroom cultivation with wood obtained from sustainable forest management:

- Substrate preparation process for cultivation

- Mushroom cultivation and harvest

Circular economy in sustainable forest management:

- Production of biochar from forest pruning

- Production of compost from spent mushroom substrate, biochar, and other organic waste from Mas Rajols farm

We hope these videos are of great use to students, professionals in the forestry sector, and anyone interested in promoting the conservation of our forests and the sustainable management of natural resources. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experiences, thereby fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for sustainable forest management for the benefit of our environment and future generations.