Biodiversity Nesting Boxes

Do you want to combat pests on your farm in a completely nature-based way, without using chemicals that cause undesirable side effects? Then you should think about installing a few biodiversity nesting boxes on your land.

What are these nesting boxes? The biodiversity nest boxes, designed by Paco Volante, have several compartments with holes of different sizes that allow breeding a wide number of different species of pollinating insects, insectivorous birds and bats.

The installation of several boxes on a farm leads to an increase in the populations of species that are natural predators of pests, thus obtaining a biological control of harmful species. In addition, they foster the reproduction of pollinating species that contribute to increasing the overall vitality of ecosystems and their resilience, supporting animal populations that depend on the pollinated plants as a source of food or habitat.

The overall biodiversity of your farm can explode after the systematic and prolonged use of these nest boxes, which help to re-establish the natural balance of nature in which all species coexist in a harmonious way. If you want to hear from the mouth of its creator about the benefits of its use, we invite you to watch the following video.

The boxes should be maintained at least once a year. Paco Volante explains in this video all the necessary steps to carry out the maintenance that helps to keep the boxes clean and ready to continue promoting biodiversity on your farm.

We have different sized boxes available, which can be adapted to the specific needs of your farm. For further information and orders please contact us here.