​The year 2016 was proclaimed “The International Year of Pulses” (IYOP) by the United Nations. In the words of the Global Pulse Confederation based in Dubai,

“An International Year designation provides an unprecedented opportunity to raise awareness and to celebrate the role of beans, chickpeas, lentils and other pulses in feeding the world. Even more importantly, it will be a galvanizing moment to draw together key actors to further the contributions pulses make to health, nutrition, and sustainability.”

Pulses have been an essential part of the human diet for centuries, and although they haven’t received enough recognition, they are part of the vital web of biodiversity. Sustainable production of pulses not only addresses the issue of food security, but also provides protection to the environment: intercropping increases biodiversity, they are highly water efficient, their nitrogen-fixing properties improve soil fertility, and they are a powerful and nutritious food source for both humans and animals as fodder.

Volterra Ecosystems congratulates the efforts and the mission envisioned by the IYOP and is fully committed to promoting crop rotation and legumes production in Southern Europe, as the evidence of soil improvement in our fields is dramatic.

Interested in finding out more? View a presentation on the IYOP below or visit their website